"Your performance took us back to an exciting time capsule of pop music... It was an honor to schedule such outstanding entertainment. President Clinton, Vice President Gore and their families extend their sincere gratitude and hope the New Year brings you much joy and success."
- Robert M. Myman, The 52nd Presidential Inagural

"If you're a Beatles fan then don't miss The Stars Of Beatlemania, a tribute to the Beatles showcasing the talents of the stars of Broadway's Beatlemania. This great tribute show takes you back in time to experience the evolution of the Beatles' music and of the times of their lives. This is more than a great show - it's a chance to re-live history. From the innocence of  I Want To Hold Your Hand, Eight Days A Week, and Twist and Shout, to the psychedelics of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles were the flag bearers of a generation."
- Las Vegas Leisure Guide

"The quartet succeeds visually, thanks in large part to David Leon (as John Lennon). Enhancing the illusion are historically accurate guitars, including the Hofner violin bass. But it is where it counts most that the four hit the jackpot. Their performances of She Loves You, Twist And Shout, Hard Day's Night, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Day Tripper are just about perfect. They truly sound like the Beatles. Their set was so much fun - and so well received..."
- Chuck Darrow, Atlantic City News

"The Stars Of Beatlemania are THE Beatle music supergroup - the world's premier Beatle tribute show..."
   - Beatlemania Alumni.com

"The Stars Of Beatlemania did a wonderful show. These four have the music of the Beatles down! The lights came on and the 'Four lads from Liverpool' ran out in their matching suits and mop-tops and began to play She Loves You. I didn't even have to close my eyes to imagine that it was like seeing the real Beatles up there. They looked and sounded like the real thing.  The vocals, the playing...everything was live, there was no lip-syncing. The entire show was very impressive. They had the Liverpool accents down as they used humor to charm the audience in between songs, making little quips and remarks, as the real Beatles did during concerts.  The Stars Of Beatlemania were visually appealing as well. The musician portraying John (David Leon) was very convincing. He had his distinctive stance down as well as John's mannerisms and voice. The musician playing Paul (Alan Le Boeuf) also sounded very much like Paul McCartney. George Harrison was portrayed effortlessly by David Brighton (who also puts on a show portraying David Bowie). The musician playing Ringo (Beaver Parker) really had Ringo's voice down. Anyone, young or old, who is a fan of the Beatles will enjoy this show. I finally feel like I have experienced what a live Beatles show may have been like. A great way to spend an unforgettable evening."
- G.K.M., Epinions.com

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