See what the kids are sayin'...  
David Brighton and The Space Oddity Band

"You're not alone..."

"Time and Space Oddity- As modern physics teaches  us, time is relative. Time travel however is still in its theoretical stage. At least that's what I thought before seeing Space Oddity. Fortunately I was near the front of the stage and had the luxury of verifying my senses from time to time. But for those sitting in the rear, it must have seemed to them, that they truly had been shifted in time and space. David Brighton has the voice, moves and look to actually step in for David Bowie if he were unavailable and few would ever know. The band members are not only accomplished musicians, but they have nailed the original arrangements down perfectly. Experiencing Space Oddity made for a truly remarkable evening."
- Harry Maslin, Producer (of David Bowie's YOUNG AMERICANS  & STATION TO STATION Albums)

Las Vegas Magazine
David Brighton on the cover of Las Vegas Magazine
"David Bowie has worked with David Brighton...What does that tell you about the credibility of a tribute artist?"
- Las Vegas Review Journal

“David! You were perfect as Bowie and your band was spot on. The crowd was captivated and our TV audience was thrilled. Thank you for being a pro the whole time. The World's Greatest Tribute Bands is a success because of acts like yours!”
- Katie Daryl – AXS TV's  The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands

David Brighton in Legends In Concert, Las Vegas
David Brighton pictured on the Legends in Concert Billboard on Las Vegas Boulevard
“David Bowie in Legends in Concert, headlining the new cast with James Brown, Britney, The Temptations and Elvis at Harrah's…a tribute revue with some real talent…”
– Las Vegas Sun

"I’ve seen many, and I do mean many acts and I can honestly say David Brighton is one of the best performers I've ever seen. He's great. He's bringing in a whole new demographic..."
- Connie Clark, Legends In Concert

"You present him so well, it takes me back to a lot of good times with the boss man."
- Bob Barnes, Lighting Director for David Bowie

David Brighton and the Space Oddity Band on AXS TV

“Not only does David Brighton have the look and mannerisms of Bowie, but he's got that unique vocal quality as well. A long line twisted down the Sunset Strip with eager Bowie fans waiting to grab front row center. Many came decked out in glitter and platform shoes, 70s era T-shirts and the works. Brighton's outstanding mimicry of the legendary David Bowie was undeniable and it was hard not to blur the line between the two. Wow and wow and wow again....”
- Rene Silverman, Musette Magazine

"The band sounded amazing... and David Brighton sang the songs and interacted with the crowd just like Bowie..."
- Richard Blade - KROQ and SiriusXM Radio

"David Brighton's tribute to David Bowie really is one of the best tribute acts in the entire world."
- Louise Capone, Recreation Director, City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation

David Brighton with actor, Alfonso Ribeiro

"Magnificent...David Brighton does a brilliant David Bowie..."
- Alfonso Ribeiro, Actor (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

"That was a great show. I could not leave... the vocals were outstanding, great playing too. Very well produced... the quality was great... the best...have to have you back."
- Wayne Carlson, Head Sound Engineer, Harrah's Casino

"David… you're the best at what you do… the cream of the crop… loved every second of it. Thanks for being here!”
- Dan Gaines, Director of Entertainment

"It was such a GAS to see your show David! We had a blast! THANK YOU!" - Cherie Currie, The Runaways

"David Brighton is amazing! Check out his tribute to David Bowie!" - Marie Currie

"David rock!!! Bowie is one of my favorite artists... and you are the real deal.... I swear I felt like (it was) Bowie himself." 
- Chuck Wright, Bassist for Quiet Riot

"There are a lot of tribute artists out there, but not very many can actually convince you... make you believe that you’re experiencing the real thing. David Brighton however, is an exception to the rule. He really takes on the persona of David Bowie and is quite convincing. I’m one of those huge, hard-core, dedicated Bowie fans. When I first saw David Brighton and his band, Space Oddity, I remember on the first song, I had a bit of an attitude. I stood in the back, with my arms crossed. After a while I forgot that it wasn't David Bowie. Brighton (let’s just call him David Bowie) did a phenomenal performance as the Thin White Duke... the closest thing I’ve seen to the real David Bowie. Catch David Brighton and experience the amazing David Bowie in the incarnations of past years...up close and personal - or as close as you can get in the year 2006."
- Uncle Scotty, Morning Host - 93.5 The Quake Radio

"Well done! David Brighton recreates many of David Bowie's personas with much style.  If you get a chance to go and see his remarkable tribute act, the ever professional Space Oddity, do. This guy is cool..."
- BowieNet  (David Bowie's Official Web Site)

 "I rarely officially endorse bands… but David Brighton and Space Oddity was literally one of the top tribute shows that anyone had ever seen. It was so great... the music, the sights, the outfits... Still in awe of the show!!!" - Julian Douglas, Promoter

“I served as president of the official David Bowie Fan Club in the 1970s. One great benefit was having the chance to catch several shows from Bowie’s famous Station To Station tour, as it wound through the US, England and Europe. It’s a memory that I have worked hard to keep fresh in mind. Now I won’t have to try so hard. David Brighton and the Space Oddity band’s recreation of David Bowie from that era, and from every other moment in Bowie’s colorful career, is as note-perfect and spot-on as you could wish. I can now simply drop in on one of Brighton's band’s stellar Bowie performances and experience, right in front of me, everything I remember from those golden years. Count me a fan!”
- Michael Olsen – Official David Bowie Fan Club

David Brighton with Beauty Queen, Robin Shepard Griffin!

David Brighton with beauty queen, Robin Shepard Griffin
"I travel all over the world and this is my favorite band of all time! David Brighton is so talented and entertaining....he looks just like David Bowie and sounds just like him. He puts on the best concert out of anyone I have seen! Amazing... I always have such a good time. GO to his website and write out his concert dates on your calendar, invite your friends and you will have a great night!"
- Robin Shepard Griffin - Ms. America International

"Excitement hit the stratosphere when "David Bowie" took the stage. David Brighton's impersonation was spot on and a treat for all ears. It was a "Rebel Rebel" night to remember..."
- Palm Springs Life

“David Brighton is so fabulous, he blows even me away. I know Bowie, and have seen almost every one of his concerts... and Brighton is exceptionally BRILLIANT. He is so meticulous about every's beyond.
He looks like him, has his distinctive voice down, and the mannerisms are exact. Absolute perfection. Just amazing. There has be a better word than amazing… the best!”
- Kona Cindy, Kona Cindy Productions

"David Brighton's Bowie tribute is an uncanny likeness musically as well as visually. I was blown away..."
- Rob Christie, Capitol Records

"I go all the way back with Bowie (first time I saw him live was the Diamond Dogs tour in 1974) and Space Oddity's show left me with the same end result as an actual Bowie performance.  David Brighton's David Bowie is so good, one can just relax and suspend scrutiny...terrific.  My wife and I loved it. Thanks for a great evening." 
- Steve Ochs, Television Producer

 David Brighton as David Bowie on the Vittel TV commercial set!
David Brighton and David Bowie
in career spanning TV ad.

"Mr Brighton did a great job (portraying early David Bowie alter-egos in the Vittel / Reality commercial), all the fans fell for it."
- Total Blam Blam, BowieNet  (News Editor of
David Bowie's Official Web Site)

"David is such a good actor. He's one way, then he gets into those costumes... His mannerisms, the way he walks, the way he looks at you - everything changes. He becomes David Bowie."
Eve Ramboz, CGI Director (on the Vittel/Reality Commercials)

Mojo - Britain's most respected and authoritative Music Magazine:></p>
          <font color=

"Bowie time warps and David Brighton...We have been thrilling to the Vittel water advert that David Brighton appeared in playing David Bowie's various incarnations."
- Mojo Music Magazine

"It is a fabulous TV ad (with David Brighton) portraying David Bowie in his many guises over his career (Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, Hunky Dory, Scary Monsters) and the modern David being crowded out of his house by them... and drinking his last few drops of Vittel!"
- Tony Visconti, Producer (of sixteen David Bowie albums)

David Brighton as the Ashes to Ashes Clown in the Vittel commercial
David Brighton as David Bowie in the commercial

"The (David Bowie) commercial -- which is actually a French ad for Vittel water -- is pretty darn brilliant."
- Rolling Stone Magazine

“David Brighton is David Bowie in the mind-boggling Space Oddity show. I don’t think you can do any better than David Brighton’s show... the preeminent tribute to David Bowie."
- Chris Epting,

"I thought (David Brighton's Bowie tribute was) great.  He has a really good singing voice..."
- Danny Wilde, The Rembrandts

"Great job! It was really like seeing Bowie. We had a wonderful time and just wanted to say thanks and all the best to you all."
- Nancy Wilson


Photo by Taso Papadakis
David Brighton onstage with Miss Brooke, Space Oddity's gorgeous keyboardist/back up singer...

"David Brighton’s Monumental Space Oddity - Tribute to David Bowie...
Let me first state that never, and I do mean never, have I seen any sort of impersonator show. I (quite mistakenly in this case) always envisioned a dude who half-way sorta sounds like Elvis in a gold jacket, and that simply isn't my cup of tea, bag of beans or box of truffles. I know that sounds incredibly snooty. I own my superior attitude about music and performers, especially when it comes to DAVID BOWIE, for-pity-sake. But just hold on for ONE minute.
     While Big Brother Mark Zuckerberg was spying on my posts, Facebook posted an ad on my sidebar for Space Oddity, David Brighton's Tribute to David Bowie, which happened to be coming to a venue nearby. I clicked on the link, which then sent me to a YouTube video that literally gave me goose bumps as I watched in amazement.
     Let me preface this by stating I've had the thrill of seeing David Bowie twice in concert-- So I was quite skeptical and a bit smirky while this video of David Brighton was buffering on my slow-as-hell-laptop--then I couldn't breathe--in the best way.
     I was immediately struck by not only Brighton's vocals, but his liquid-sexy Bowie movements. Clearly, we have someone who has more than done his homework on the Legend that is David Bowie. Another indication of just how incredible David Brighton is, is that he worked with Bowie himself in an advertisement for a French bottled water, Vittel to play Bowie's alter-egos who have taken over his house.
     Anyway - I wrote a huge piece (gush-fest) last week about Brighton and his Tribute to Bowie. That article was written prior to witnessing the flawless performance that IS Brighton as Bowie in Washington last Saturday night. The show was even more than I had anticipated.
     The time has come for me to officially and legally change my name to 7th Grade Squealing Girl...but rather than squealing over (Justin) Bieber, it's David Brighton and David Bowie. Brighton's performance was so spot-ON that it was almost eerily unnerving, but in the best possible way.
     What I loved the most about Brighton's performances - plural - was that we were able to experience the many different personae of Bowie throughout his bountiful career. David Brighton brought all of these "characters", if you will, to life--intimately aloof and up close and personal.
     Brighton opened the show, entering the stage in Bowie's slinky, seductive and graceful manner as The Thin White Duke--my favorite. The white shirt, black trousers and vest and with that gorgeous slicked back red/blonde highlighted hair, Brighton might as well have been a hologram, a` la 2 Pac at Coachella last week. I was supposed to be taking notes for this review, but I physically and emotionally could not stay seated. All I could manage was get to the front of the stage to be closer and dance in my red 6" platform shoes, as this performance truly deserved. This was NOT the time for a notebook and pen.
     Ziggy was next, with a lovely shout-out to Seattle's own Nirvana prior to a melancholy "Man Who Sold the World". (You may remember Nirvana's "Unplugged" cover of this classic.)
     Next it was time for the "Let's Dance" - Bowie. Memories came flooding back to me as my hair blew back with the opening "Aaaahhh ahhhh ahhhhh....let's DANCE..."
     The amazing 90-minute show felt like 15 minutes. I didn't want it to end. All I can say, is Oh - My – Goodness - you better GO."
- Diva Julia, Dipped In Cream

David Brighton as David Bowie

“Saturday at the Admiral Theatre, an amazing thing happened. I got to essentially, see a David Bowie concert. The two-hour show - Space Oddity: David Brighton’s Tribute to David Bowie, played to a packed house, with excited Bowie fans peppering the crowd.
     “It’s the closest to 1972 I’m going to get in my lifetime,” said one 19-year-old attendee, who said he was a longtime Bowie fan.
     I myself have been a Bowie fan since I was about three years old. I blame this largely on my father, who raised me on a steady diet of Bowie, Alice Cooper, T. Rex, Lou Reed, Deep Purple and other greats of that era. Because of this, simply hearing Bowie music always stirs my emotions on some level.
     Now, as Brighton is a very good Bowie impersonator, the night was second only to an actual live Bowie concert. Brighton not only looked like Bowie, but performed like him too, all slender limbs and sharp cheekbones. Brighton’s accent and vocals were tremendous. He actually managed to hit the “angel”s during Golden Years, which I, as a female, have trouble doing at times.
     All in all, if you’re looking for the Bowie experience without the lack of regular (Bowie) tour dates these days, go see David Brighton’s Space Oddity. They really are about the closest you’ll get, outside of a time machine.”
- Dixie Cochran, Copy Editor – the Olympian

The 80s are back
(photo by Cassie Rietsch)   

"David Brighton IS the Bowie we’ve all seen and missed through the years... Now, we’re not just talking about some guy that goes up there, wears the canary yellow suit and belts out a few tunes. I’m talking about a guy who’s studied the man from head to toe.
     We arrive early; to make sure we have a good spot up front... The opening chords to “Fame” begin and from the darkness, the Thin White Duke emerges.... He slinks across the stage, the way only one man could possibly do... David B[righton] emerges and his face, body, and voice exude the aura of the great one.
     For the next 90 minutes, David B[righton] had the women to their feet dancing before him, throwing him notes, yelling out songs, and he does the nod, the wink and the smile. He played for the women, as well as the men (that had to admit he wasn’t bad), and held the hands of a few ladies that made their way to the front of the stage. He could tell who the “visitors” were, a.k.a. the girls that were dragged to show, and played for them. He made sure the people in the back were having as much of a good time as those in the front, and somehow convinced them to venture further forward. As “Mick Ronson” went into a solo, David B[righton] escapes and returns a few minutes later as Ziggy Stardust. He sees that his audience is more receptive to the bigger hits, but still isn’t afraid to dabble in the more unknown Bowie catalogue that only the diehard Bowie fans would know and thus begins the first few chords of “Kooks...”
     As his third set begins, he then sends us forward to Bowie’s early 80’s and that canary yellow suit, peroxide hair and a softened mature David comes out to greet us. One that never looks back, but plays the tunes where women are now taking their shoes off and offering them to him as props for “Let’s Dance”  (even if they were silver, rather than red). The men, at this point are mesmerized by the ride they’ve been taken on... I even heard a “Panic in Detroit” come from the tall guy behind me.
     David B. had something up his sleeve. He made a quick smile and the familiar sound of my childhood filled the room. With voices, charm and something that my former seven year old self used to die for, Brighton played "Magic Dance" for us. The room was thumpin' and the vast generations sang along with him, ashamed of nothing.
     Just like Bowie would always back himself up with a talented band, Brighton had a five person band behind him, each with their own style, and as Bowie would, he stepped away into the shadows to let them have their moments. Because, without good support, he’d just be that guy belting out tunes...
     This is a full-on production, and not for small bars or clubs. To book him there would be intimate, but tragic at the same time. He’s slender, much like The Man, and has enormous platforms to fill. He really is a treat to see if you’ve missed Bowie’s performances, weren’t born in time to see them (*cough-ziggy-cough*), or have never seen a Bowie show before. Do yourself a favor and go see him."

- Shannon Conley, Festival Manager, Croteau Productions

Modern Music Historian and DJ, Matt Pinfield
Matt Pinfield, KROQ DJ

"Great! I really liked how (they) integrated the studio versions of  Bowie's songs with his live versions..."
- Matt Pinfield, Music Critic / KROQ Radio DJ / former MTV VJ

"I love his show - the music is played straight, and he has a fun attitude which makes it really a good night of music. And lots of costume changes!"
- Brian Kehew, producer, recording engineer, author (of Recording The Beatles)

“Loved your show, it was amazing…. You really have Bowie down…the look too… Some people around me were saying “Is that really David Bowie?” Great job…you’re doing something really special.”
- Rob Juarez – When In Rome

"Space Oddity promises a great Bowie tribute, and what they give is nothing short of the opportunity to go back in time and as closely as can be done, see Bowie live. The talent in the group, especially Brighton's vocals make Space Oddity a tribute act which needs to be experienced."
- The LA Review

Let's Dance

"Space Oddity with David Brighton pays tribute to singer David Bowie during last weekend's Beachstock Festival in Redondo Beach...the event drew nearly 9,000 attendees..."
- The Beach Reporter

"It was a night under the stars, loving the alien… David Brighton’s Space Oddity ripped it up for fans during the Cannery's Rocktober Fest…. We got Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, Pop Icon of '83, and even a little modern day Bowie. A collection of skilled musicians performed some of rock's greatest music... Brooke Naughton has re-joined the group and she sings with fierce attitude on songs such as "Knock On Wood." Guitarist "Switch's" Mick Ronson is living attitude as well. Two hours spent in Bowie heaven."
Heather M September 2007

"David Brighton looks and sounds just like David Bowie!"
- Karen Kaye, Cool 94.3 Radio

"...amazing performance...incredible..."
- Chelsie Foster, Dick Clark Productions

David Brighton as David Bowie
(photo by Cassie Rietsch)   

" you've really nailed it (of course this isn't the first time you've heard (And I) loved the (Vittel) commercial.  I first saw Bowie do Ziggy at the historic Rainbow theatre shows in 1972... then at Radio City Music Hall, the same year. I also saw Serious Moonlight at the LA Forum and finally the Glass Spider Tour at Anaheim Stadium. I was a bigger fan than I remembered..."
Mick Mashbir - Lead guitarist for Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies and Muscle of Love albums and tours.

"Space Oddity with David Brighton as David Bowie will bathe you in some serious moonlight..."
- The Star

"David Brighton does one heck of a David Bowie impersonation..."
- Hal Eisner - UPN Channel 13 News 

"Space Oddity rocks! Loved Brighton's Bowie show at the House of Blues... I mean loved it... I know Bowie and Brighton nails it!"
- Casey Slade, Dick Clark Productions

David Brighton as David Bowie
photo by Cassie Rietsch

"David Brighton's show raises the bar for all other tribute acts.... a hot performer and a true dead-ringer with the goods to back up the act. Voice, costume, band members, dancing, audience participation,  everything!!! The best tribute act I have ever experienced."
- Arlen Pantel,
President - DoubleTake Entertainnment

"David Brighton's David Bowie show is breathtaking in its realism and captures the magic that is David Bowie.  David has the look, soul, and unique voice... it is a spellbinding act with an incredible band and multiple costume changes.  The Bowie outfits alone are worth the price of admission."
- Chuck Heinz

"No one could do it better..."
Ted and Charlene, Excalibur Entertainment



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